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    What is the difference between an agent, broker and a realtor?

    Did you know – their is a difference between Agents, Brokers and Realtors?

    Yes, yes there is.

    Real estate agent is the umbrella term for anyone who can facilitate real estate transactions.
    They are licensed, paid commissions, and work for brokerages.

    A real estate broker has passed the broker license exam, can own a real estate firm and hire
    agents to work for them.

    A Realtor is part of the trade organization known as the Nation Association of Realtors.

    With this title comes the promise to uphold a high level of ethics. An agent or a broker may hold
    this title.

    So basically, a Realtor can be an agent or a broker, an agent can be a Realtor, and a broker can be
    an agent and a Realtor. All clear? Good.