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    Alligators not our enemies…or friends

    Yes, the American Alligator (which can be found all around Hilton Head) is not the cuddliest of
    creatures. Actually, they prefer not to be cuddled at all, so just do not do it. But they have been
    around for 25 million years, so they must be doing something right.

    You will find alligators in nearly every fresh or brackish water location on the island. If you are
    looking to buy real estate on Hilton Head, you will likely be near a body of water where some
    gators like to hang out. Island developers provided this largest of North American reptiles with
    plenty of homes, adding waterways to many of the communities and golf courses.

    But here is the deal…they do not want to eat you. Really. They find plenty of fish, bugs
    crustaceans and snakes all on their own. Sure they can be aggressive, if you feed them or
    tease them or generally just get in their face on a golf course. If you keep you distance, they
    will too. If you’re caught feeding an alligator, you can be fined $200 or sentenced to 30 days in
    jail. And quite frankly, they can be really amazing to watch for a while so leave the sandwiches
    behind and just observe in wonderment.

    Approximately 50 alligators a year are removed from Hilton Head Island waters due to
    complaints. When a gator is”removed”, it is destroyed. They have a great built – in homing
    device and tend to get back to whence they came pretty easily. So if you are complaining
    about a gator simply because he does not look like Bambi, remember you are giving him a
    death sentence.

    25 million years, jeesh.

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