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    Picking the right buyer’s agent

    So you’re perusing the always-available real estate magazines while sitting in the dentist’s office
    and it seems there are as many agents as there are homes for sale. How in the world are you
    going to find the one that will help you on your home-buying journey? Here are some things to

    1. Remember you are the boss in this situation. Do not be afraid to ask the potential agent
    questions to test their knowledge and experience. They should know the area you are looking
    at, so answering questions about the neighborhood, comparables and/or chosen house types
    should be easy for them. Throw them a curve ball and see how they respond.
    2. Ask for references. This can be uncomfortable, especially if are hitting it off with the agent
    and/or they are very well known in the real estate community. Chatting with a couple of
    previous clients can help raise your comfort level and ease your decision-making process.
    3. You want to click with this person, but make sure you believe they can find your next home.
    They do not have to be your best friend, but you do need to feel that you are both on the
    same page. Your agent should always be ready with a suggestion when needed, or to let you
    vent if frustration is taking hold.

    Most importantly – do not attempt to make this journey alone. Take the time to find an agent that
    you can trust and relate to. It is a vital relationship to the home-buying process.