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Curb Appeal on a Budget

If you are getting ready to make the “Big Move” from your current humble abode, there are
some things you really need to spend money on for the sake of the sale. Tight budget right
now? Do not fret – here are some low cost ideas to make your house say “Buy Me!”

Clean, Clean, Clean

Rent a power washer and get rid of any algae, cobwebs, mold or just general unsightliness.
Walk out to your curb, then slowly walk up to your front door. What needs the most attention?
Front steps, window sills, and front door can always use a shower. If you can afford to have a
professional power wash, it is well worth the money for a sparkling clean structure.

Plants Are Your Friends

Potted plants and flowers can mask a lot of little “issues” around the outside of your place.
Some strategically placed flora makes for a pleasing first impression. Just make sure to keep
anything you plant healthy. Dead plants at the doorway are a big turn off to potential buyers.

Hide Stuff

When you look at your house from the street, do you see an unsightly tangled up hose or a
rusty AC unit? Hide them. Enough said.

It’s the Little Things

Paint your mailbox and front door (or replace them if needed). Replace your house numbers
with something good-looking and noticeable. Install a new light fixture. Put out a tasteful new

It may seem trivial, but attention to the small stuff may translate into a big sale.
With just a little effort (and elbow grease), your house can make it to the top of the “Best
Dressed” list – and that means lots of interested buyers.