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Getting ready to sell?

Getting ready to sell your home? You may ask yourself how much needs to be done before putting your home on the market. We encourage you to schedule an appointment with one of our experienced Realtors, so we can guide you through this process. We have a lot of tips and tricks to help “stage” your home. Some ideas to help are:

1)      If your home has a lot of color on the walls, you may want to consider neutral paint. Neutral shades are anything but boring these days. Gone are the days that neutral means bland tan or shades of white. Painting the walls will not only brighten the space, it will also give the home a “new” feeling. Choose a color that will balance out the rest of the room. Think of the walls as a foundation that will help the other hues stand out in the room. Some great colors that will brighten the space are light blue, gray and white.


2)      Create amazing curb appeal. First impressions matter when selling a home. If a buyer is turned off before they even enter the home, they are less likely to consider the home to purchase. Easy solutions to solving your curb appeal issue are: add a wreath to the front door, paint the front door to give the home a clean fresh look, improve the landscaping with plants that last a long time with little maintenance or revamp your sidewalk. Other great ideas are: add a window box with colorful flowers, upgrade the hardware (new locks and door handle), or add flowers to the front porch that sit in a “not so ordinary” planter such as galvanized metal pots.

3)      Spruce up your entryway. Upgrading the front door to your home is an easy way to add value to the property. Adding a piece such as an antique chair, carpet, artwork, and some flowers will help make the entryway inviting. If you have tall ceilings you can add a statement lighting piece.

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