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    Hilton Head – AKA Southern Ohio

    It sounds a little dark – “The Ohio Strategy” could be the title of a Tom Clancy thriller. But it is
    merely the reason why there are so many Ohioans on Hilton Head.

    What, you didn’t notice? Get your head out of the pluff mud and look around. Bars and
    restaurants dedicated to the Browns, sections of gift shops dedicated to the Buckeye State,
    really just stop the next person you see on Hilton Head and ask where they are from. Chances
    are they will say Ohio.

    Not that there is anything wrong with that. Master marketers Tom Gardo and Tim Doughtie are
    credited with developing the Ohio Strategy back in the 50’s, and started inviting you all, I mean
    them all, to this 14 mile stretch of pristine beachfront.

    They realized that residents of landlocked states like Ohio wanted a beautiful, warm place to
    vacation with the family. One that was easy to get to. A 10-12 hour drive and easily accessible
    from I-77 brought them to this barrier island gem. And once they got here, the marketing gurus
    directed them right into Sea Pines, where there was plenty to do and a home or two for sale.
    So you, I mean they, keep coming back year after year to vacation, and yes sometimes settle

    But Hang On, Sloopy – people from other states like it down here too. Western PA, Michigan,
    New Jersey and New York have all made Hilton Head and neighboring Bluffton two of their
    favorite vacation destinations. Many choose to buy real estate on Hilton Head and Bluffton,
    which alleviates all that driving, and snow…forever.

    I am not from Ohio…or Pennsylvania or Michigan, New York or New Jersey. I am a Minnesotan.
    My drive down here may have been longer but I can guarantee my snow drifts were higher and
    temperatures lower when I left the frozen tundra. I will never be a Buckeye Fan but is it all right
    if I stay?

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