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    Hilton Head Island – I’ll have a BGT, hold the mayo.

    Ever wonder what you will do with your free time after settling in your new home on Hilton
    Head Island? Well, how about a little BGT? Let me explain;

    B = Beaches. Nearly 12 miles of pristine beachfront, with different benches geared toward
    different activities. From sunbathing to surfing to sand volleyball, you will certainly find your
    favorite. Spend the money $30) on a yearly beach pass and you will feel like a true islander. The
    pass allows you to certain areas with free parking. Remember, the sand and the ocean are not
    owned by any property owner. You can walk on ay beach you want, just do not trespass
    through someone’s property to get to said sand. There’s a whole bunch of rules regarding dogs
    and the beach as well. If you have a pup, be sure to read up on when he can play in the waves
    with you.

    G = Golf. 40 courses, many of them championship caliber, are located on Hilton Head and in
    Bluffton. Amazingly, you will find 24 of them on Hilton Head. When I moved here I could not
    believe they could fit that many gorgeous courses in such a small space. But thanks to great
    planning, you will never feel overwhelmed by greens. In addition, the entire Hilton Head/
    Bluffton area welcomes the world to the the RBC Heritage Golf Tournament every April right
    after the Masters in Augusta. This PGA tour event takes place at Harbourtown Golf Links,
    home to the famous candy striped lighthouse.

    T = Tennis. So much tennis. World class caliber academies, clinics and facilities. It was the first
    community activity I got my kids enrolled in when I moved to Hilton Head. There is a teacher
    for every level, from beginner to expert, and nearly every community you may live in has well
    kept courts for practice or a little competition. Loser buys the fresh oysters and local brew. (yes
    there are local and regional breweries here for your enjoyment post-tennis match.)

    Here is never a dull moment here on Hilton Head and in Bluffton. Unless you want a dull
    moment. We aim to please.

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