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    MORE insurance? Really? YES!

    It goes without saying that your mortgage lender will make sure you have purchased
    homeowners Insurance and have enough to completely replace the property in the event of a
    total loss. But with this new found independence as a homeowner comes some pretty big
    responsibilities. It pays to consider some insurance options in order to relax and enjoy all the
    benefits of home ownership.

    Life Insurance is a huge consideration if you share your home with someone who depends on
    your income to pay the mortgage. That person needs to be named as beneficiary so they will
    not be forced to give up the house if you unexpectedly leave this world. It is just the right thing
    to do for your loved ones.

    Disability-Income Insurance is protection many people do not consider. New homeowners are
    often on the younger side, and if you are one of those millennials who think nothing bad will
    ever happen to you, purchasing this type of insurance feels like throwing away money.
    Unfortunately, bad things do happen to good people and young people. Disability-Income
    Insurance will take care of that mortgage should you become too disabled to work.

    Here’s something to consider as well: once you are a homeowner, you have more to lose in the
    event of a lawsuit. Take a look at your Auto Insurance and make sure to get the best coverage
    possible to avoid lawyers coming after your property in the case of a bad auto accident.
    An umbrella policy is not a bad idea as well – to pick up the slack left by any of your other

    While you cannot prepare for every possible situation, doing some research and purchasing at
    least some of these types of insurance from reputable companies may make the difference in
    your homeowner experience and your family’s well being.