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    Island Character – Nature Rules

    As you peruse the listings of real estate for sale on Hilton Head Island, you will surely notice a
    few things shared by them all that stand out…or rather do not stand out.

    When I first made the move to Hilton Head, I noticed that too. The colors, design, lack of neon
    and billboards, it all was sending a message – do not mess with nature. At least not too much.
    Hilton Head’s original developer, Charles Fraser, was adamant that man-made resemble local
    nature-made as much as possible. So, if you have your heart set on an orange house
    surrounded by cactus, you may be disappointed. The Architectural Review Board maintains a
    pretty lengthy list of rules that need to be followed on the island. This is what they are meant to

    Island Character Vision Statement – Development shall exhibit a harmonious relationship
    with the natural environment by blending the principles of sensitive site planning, skillful
    architectural design, and an emphasis on land scaling that preserves and enhances the native

    Yes, it does sound a bit controlling, but, look at this place. It is gorgeous and pristine and really
    a brilliant combination of man and nature. Let’s face it, you would not be looking at homes for
    sale in the Low Country if you did not like what you saw on you last visit, right?

    Sometimes blending in is ok – especially when it comes to the amazing natural beauty of the
    low country.

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