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    Low Country Architecture – Stay Cool, Man.

    The Low Country standard of architecture was developed in the late 1700’s out of necessity. It
    was necessary to cool down.The semi-tropical climate here in the low country can be
    downright oppressive during certain times of the year, so in an attempt to avoid mass heat
    related illnesses, homes were developed with airflow in mind.

    Things like transoms, double hung windows, screened porches, verandas, high ceilings, open
    concept rooms reflective metal roofing and of course big, big Oak trees all either added to the
    proper airflow or provided a respite for the sun’s heat.

    Of course things are a different today, mainly because of a little thing called air conditioning.
    However, many architects strive to incorporate the elegant, simple, graceful style of the Low
    Country homes from hundreds of years ago into their modern designs. If you are looking at
    homes for sale in Hilton Head, Bluffton or Beaufort, you will find many designed in this manner,
    blending old charm and practicality with new innovations.

    Stately southern homes of the past can still be admired and visited all over the low country.
    Your new home may not look quite that quaint, but make sure you fill it up with warm southern
    hospitality. Just be sure to turn on the AC before guest come calling.

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