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Low Country Eats – so simple it’s complicated

I have never met one person who did not love the food when visiting the low country. This area
is teaming with great restaurants, embracing old traditions and experimenting with new ideas.
All draw upon these four types of cuisine – Southern, Soul, Gullah and Low Country.

Then throw in a little Creole. Or maybe a lot, whatever you like.

Yes, there is a difference. All soul food is southern but not all southern food is soul. All Gullah
cuisine is basically Low Country but not all Low Country cuisine is considered Gullah.

Low Country cuisine was traditionally based on foods grown or harvested in the area, so crab,
shrimp, oyster, fish grits and rice quickly became staples and are now favorites for tourists,
resident and locals alike.

Confused yet? Well, unless you are a giant foodie, the only thing you need to know when
looking for real estate in the low country is that you will always eat well. Here are some

Low Country Boil – a Low Country staple involving a big pot of hot water filled with spices,
some corn, potatoes, sausage and shrimp. Drain and eat. No silverware needed but a bib
might be nice.

She-crab soup – I consider this dish as either a great lunch or elegant first course to dinner.
Fresh crabmeat and roe in a cream base with a nice dose of sherry. Yum.

Shrimp and Grits – local shrimp and creamy grits? Two words: Just Delicious.

Okra in anything – Some like them in a zesty tomato and rice based soup, I like them pickled
and in my Bloody Mary. Bloody Mary’s. Don’t judge, it s a healthy vegetable.

BBQ – it just so darn delicious you might get a little piggy at the pig roast.

Fried Chicken – so many secret recipes that you may have trouble picking your favorite.

Gullah, Creole, Soul, and Southern cooking all make up the unique modern Low Country menu
of the day and every day. You will never go hungry here.

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