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    Rent or Own?

    If you are having that eternal internal debate about owning your home or renting your home,
    here are a some eye opening thoughts for you to consider whilst you argue with yourself.

    Equity – yes it is a real thing and yes, if you need to do it, you have the option to take out a
    second mortgage if you need the money. That won’t happen when your landlord is the decision

    Appreciation – do your homework and purchase real estate in the right area, and you very likely
    will sell that home for more than you bought it for. If you want to sell – which is a decision you
    can make only if you own and don’t rent.

    Fixed expense – if you have a fixed rate mortgage, you can budget monthly knowing your
    house payment will not change. If you rent, it’s likely your monthly payment will go up over
    time. It’s a sign of the times.

    There are all kinds of other benefits you will enjoy from owning your own home – from
    decorating it any way you like, to a higher degree of health and happiness for you and your
    children. Consider them all carefully before signing that next lease.

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