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When I say Shiplap what comes to mind? A Farmhouse with cozy blankets, fresh cut flowers on the entryway table and a basket of eggs waiting to be fried. Although Shiplap is a popular way to create an accent wall in your home, the original use for this modern look was different.

Shiplap was originally used for practical reasons, to keep the wind and weather out. Shiplap is thin wood boards that have two opposing rabbet joints that overlap each other. This gives the boards a tight seal to keep the wind, water, and weather out.

Before drywall began, Shiplap was used, but it was not exposed as it is today. Shiplap was originally used between a homes exterior and its structural framing. When wallpaper was invented, Shiplap became the base and was covered in cheesecloth or muslin to cover the seams and give wallpaper a grip.

Today, people are using Shiplap to decorate. From accent walls, bathrooms, to kitchen islands, it is popping up everywhere. It is a tasteful way to add texture and visual interest to just about any room. You can even add it to the ceiling!

Modern shiplap also comes in many colors. You can keep the rustic wood feel of the wood, or paint the wood any color you choose.