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Tennis in the Low Country = Love

Tennis is a favorite sport the world over. It is an activity that lends itself to just about every level
of skill. You can even play tennis in a wheel chair. Except for me. I am one of those people with
the mysterious invisible hole in my racket. Every racket I try, same thing. But for those with just
a wee bit of hand-eye coordination, tennis is a great way to keep fit and have fun. The Low
Country is dedicated to all of the visiting and resident tennis players here.

Hilton Head Island lays claim to eight of the world’s top 100 tennis resorts and camps, chosen
by tourists. But I am one to believe that sentiment is the same with residents. If you are looking
at homes for sale on Hilton Head Island, you are nearly guaranteed a well – taken care of court
or two (or 10) within walking or biking distance. There are more than 350 courts on the 12-mile
long island. Be careful you might just stumble into the middle of a match unexpectedly while
bird watching or on your way to the beach.

Names like Stan Smith, Dennis Van Der Meer and Ivan Lendl to name a few, have made there
mark on the legacy of tennis in the Low Country. From master instruction to intense
submersion into the tennis scene, people like these have helped grow the area into a tennis
dynasty of sorts.

Since the beginnings of organized, intentional marketing of Hilton Head Island, there have been
numerous tennis events and tournaments that have made their home here. In 1992, a couple of
cute little girls with massive tennis talent named Venus and Serena Williams came to play an
exhibition match here with Billie Jean King. So yes, we love our tennis here, and so do the
world’s best.

Tennis is a way of life here for many residents, and the natural beauty of the Low Country
doesn’t hurt. Most courts “court” a lush green and floral backdrop, with Live Oak trees and
Magnolias catching in your peripheral vision now and again. You cannot really ask for more if
you love tennis. Except maybe to never have a hole in your racket.

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