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    Those Light Sensitive Sea Turtles

    When I first moved to my new home in Hilton Head, I heard about these Loggerhead Turtles
    that basically take over the beach for a while. Well, that’s not really the case, but conservation
    efforts here take these amazing animal’s survival seriously.

    From May through October, the Sea Turtles come to shore to lay eggs and nest. The females
    come to shore at night to lay the eggs, averaging 120 eggs per nest. The moms-to-be will seek
    out dark places to deposit the eggs, hence a strict no bright lights on the beach policy is in
    effect during this time. Bright lights can either deter the females from coming to shore, or lure
    them too far from the sea and thus susceptible to unscrupulous predators of all kinds, animal
    and human.

    The eggs that do manage to make it bear babies that have quite a struggle ahead of them. It is
    estimated that only 1 in every 1000 babies make it to adulthood. Partially because of natural
    predators but also some man-made weapons as well. Hence the low lights policy. The babies
    will crawl away from the water and towards the lights and all the dangers that await them.

    So if you are wondering why it is so dark on the beach at night, make a visit to the Coastal
    Discovery Museum. One look at these amazing little cuties and their moms and you will be
    happy to keep the lights way down low.

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