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    Why do I need a property inspection?

    Do you really need a home inspection? Since you cannot just bring your newly purchased home
    to the return desk once purchased, it is a very good idea. And these days, most sales contracts
    include a home inspection contingency so there are no “surprises” after you sign on the dotted
    line. Here are some important factors when going into a home inspection:

    1. Ask your inspector questions as if you were conducting a job interview. Make sure you
    are satisfied with their qualifications.

    2. Attend the inspection. This is a huge purchase and huge decision. Attend the inspection.

    3. Make sure the foundation is visibly in good condition with your own eyes as well as the
    inspector’s eyes. Also take a good look at the general structural integrity of the home.
    Again, ask questions.

    4. When you are examining the interior, make a note of strange smells and tell the inspector.
    Beware of mold.

    5. Look at the HVAC system and electrical system. If these things are not in your wheel
    house, ask the inspector if he/she has any concerns about these areas of the house.

    Lastly, identify and stick to any deal breakers that are discovered during the inspection. Do not
    let emotions get in the way of your investment. A little tough love now can save you from a river
    of tears later should you ignore factors that could potentially cost you more than you can handle.

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