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    Winter in the Low Country – Hahahahahaha. Ha.

    Considering a move to Hilton Head or Bluffton, South Carolina? Buying real estate in the Low
    Country comes with its challenges. Say you are building a new home, like I did back in 2002. I
    did not expect the “harsh” South Carolina winter to delay the completion, but who can work
    when it is a mere 32 degrees Fahrenheit? That is just crazy talk. My real estate agent called me
    in Minnesota (where I was living, in January of 2002) and told me there would be a delay
    because, wait for it…snow was falling on Hilton Head and in Bluffton! I was shocked. “How
    much snow are you getting, half a foot or so? This is amazing, it must be so cold, it is pretty
    nice in Minneapolis today, high was 19 degrees.”

    There was a short pause, then my agent blurted (in a truly charming southern way), “well, it is
    nearly freezing here, and the streets are a little white. So all outdoor work is halted, schools are
    closing, it is just a mess, darlin”. Then another short pause, this time from my end, and as I
    studied the 6 foot tall snow bank at the end of my driveway I replied, “but all the outdoor work
    is completed on my place, there is only inside work to be done now, right?”

    A third pause, longer than then other two, and then she said, “well no one can really drive in
    this kind of weather here, so we will just have to wait until it clears up. Maybe another day or
    two”. I thanked her politely and told her to be careful out there. A couple of hours later I found
    out from a friend on Hilton Head that the snow basically melted as it hit the ground and the
    forecast was for 50’s the next day.

    Winter in the low country. It only lasts a couple of months and rarely sees temps in the 30’s. So
    savor those few times you can wear a real winter sweater and throw another log on the fire.
    Before long you will be back in flip flops and drenched in sun screen.

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